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Norah Dooley's widely acclaimed picture books, Everybody Cooks Rice et. als. from, are four titles in a series about her former neighborhood in Cambridge, MA.  She has also self-published 6 storytelling CDs.

With Alex Gerasev Norah is self publishing a new series of story books based on her telling and retellings of childhood anecdotes. My Bad Bad Dog is the first title in a series of 7 picture books.


My Bad Bad Dog, Starring Mischievous Husky, Friends, neighbors, and one bad dog mix it up in a story told through the words of Norah Dooley and the images of Alex Gerasev.

Husky was always my hero, but in this story he is a mischievous, lovable villain. I learned to walk holding on to Husky, but his neighborhood antics often got him into trouble. He was my dog. And, yes, he was bad. My Bad Bad Dog, 7.5" x 9", softcover, 38 pages.

Available in bookstores and online

Available in bookstores and online

About the BOOK: This lighthearted story follows Husky, a lovable rascal of a dog, as he visits with his well-behaved buddy, Caleb. Sure, Husky knows the rules, but he doesn't always follow them -- especially when it comes to food. Hand-drawn illustrations depict Husky's day, while the text gives readers an inside look at Husky's approach to life.

Printed on quality stock, this 7.5"x 9" softcover book features 38 pages of entertaining dialog and whimsical pencil illustrations. My Bad Bad Dog will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever loved a mischievous pet, and by the children and adults who - like Husky - might just have the glimmer of a rebel in their eyes.

As I toil away in the heady world of self-employed artists/educator, I have seen living proof that a love of stories is hardwired in humans. And there is nothing so powerful as one good story calling another to get people sharing their stories and creating meaning and enjoyment from their own personal experiences. Good picture books do this too. Reading to our children about other people's adventures and seeing the imagination of the words realized in drawings was magical. This was one of my favorite parts of being a parent and is what inspired me to become a picture book writer. Better known in some circles as a children's author, I am a storyteller who writes. For over 20 years I have used my personal stories to encourage other people to create stories from their life experiences. This book was developed as I traveled from school to school as a visiting author, using my first series of picture books as an excuse to engage students in the timeless art of storytelling.

The first in a series:

We have a series of stories in manuscript that are ready to become picture books about growing up in New York City, where I lived as far from urban life as possible in the most metropolitan of cities and yet, within city limits. My brother and sister and I had the run of our neighborhood which consisted of six houses on one empty rural street, surrounded by woods.

There was a small truck farm with a chicken house next door and so little traffic on our road that we played tennis on it, marking the side boundaries with the open ditch and sandy shoulder and the drips of tar on the asphalt pavement on either end. We played in the woods. We climbed and cut down trees. We made bows and arrows. We ran wild, and our dog, Husky, ran with us. Now, in My Bad Bad Dog, he can run with you and your children too.

Norah and Husky

Norah and Husky

Look for My Bad, Bad Dog in stores and online in January of 2017    

Look for My Bad, Bad Dog in stores and online in January of 2017


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"Everybody (Cooks, Bakes, serves or Brings)..." books with Peter Thornton

Everybody Cooks Rice

Everybody Cooks Rice

Grades K-4-- Carrie travels from one house to another, looking for her brother at dinnertime. Each family invites her in for a taste of what they are cooking; thus, she samples the ethnic diversity of her neighborhood through the rice dishes they prepare. At home, her own Italian family is indulging in risi e bisi . All the recipes are included at the end of the book. Thornton's illustrations have that flat, depth less look of primitive art. Colors are strong and brilliant primaries with very little black shading. The geometric forms displayed in the multi hued houses of the street are especially nice. Yes, everybody cooks rice, and everybody eats rice--these commonalities do bring us together, a lesson worth repeating again and again. --Booklist

"Nifty neighborhood- nifty book"- NY Times Review of Books MAR, 1991

Listed in The New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children Three Rivers Press (CA); 3rd Rev & Up edition, NOV, 2000


Everybody Bakes Bread

Everybody Bakes Bread

Grades K-4-In this rainy-day story Carrie is sent out into her multiethnic neighborhood to borrow a three-handled rolling pin. She has a fine time visiting the neighbors, eating seven kinds of bread, and finding enough friends for a kick ball game after the rain stops. She samples coconut bread from Barbados, chapatis from India, corn bread from South Carolina, pocket bread from Lebanon, challah from the Jewish "old country," pupusa from El Salvador, and braided bread from Italy. Recipes are included. Thornton's richly colored, softly realistic illustrations show the diversity of age and nationality, lifestyles, and staple foods of this friendly neighborhood.


American Library Association "Pick of the List"

ESS cover.jpg
Everybody Brings Noodles

Everybody Brings Noodles

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